Monday, April 25, 2011


       "I'm not living in a wonderland, this isn't Alice time, I'm living in the would be nation named Palestine, clandestine operations throughout the nation by the swines, that keep us oppressed by grand design, I stand behind enemy lines while my hand is high, fist of solidarity in this moment of clarity that we have in life, I fantasize about the day we don't need sacrifice to maximize our standard of living, not write in candlelight
    Can I ask you why this situation hasn't pacified? Why are things getting worse as the days pass me by? Why so much suffering, why do people have to die? It's a sad picture seeing mommies and daddies cry

    It's all because Israel was prophecized? That's only the beginning of the story, just half the lies, of the excuses used as an alibi, I wonder how much more of this bull do we have to buy?" - Kaotik Evolution

Sunday, April 3, 2011

So You Can!

Run … run… run.. so you can catch a fallen cloud
Run … run.. run so you can hold a hand
Run.. run.. run.. so you can spread your wings and fly

Never let a broken heart breaks you
Never close your eyes when you need to open them
Never lie when the truth can be spoken

So you feel you should
And you know you could
You can cast the shadow
And letting your feet hit the ground
So start
Running, running, and running

Run after the forgotten hope
Run after the lost dreams
Run after the deceptive point
Just run…
And let your tangled scarf roll from side to side
Let you tears dry out
And draw that hidden smile back on your face