Friday, October 4, 2013


She wonders, imagines and believes
She smiles, prays, and breathes
She writes, tells, and feels
She cries, tries, and dreams

 But what .. why and how...

 She wonders how time will treat her and take her by
She imagines a wonderful world closer to the sky
She believes in one and only God
She smiles cause she knows the world will smile back at her
She prays day and night ..hoping god fulfills her needs and be satisfied
She breathes the love that surrounds her
She writes words that belongs to her
She tells stories of love, heroes, adventures and pride
She feels lonely yet happy sometimes
She cries when seeing her ummah (nation) like a sleeping giant
She tries to do her best and thrive to beat the best
She dreams of living her dreams and it is worth to try...