Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Story Is About..

Here is a story of a young boy
When he was a star standing with joy
He was asked to tell a story
“A story about love, a story about wisdom, a story about a nation..a story”
Said a man from the audience
But the boy just and did not know what to do or say
 Thoughts were swinging and sliding on slides
Ideas were flying like eagles in the sky
Then he thought of something
It had blocked his thoughts, his mind, his smile
And he said…

What is a story when you run out of words?
What is a story when you are out of ideas?
What is a story when anger is a wall blocking your thoughts?
What is a story when tears are…

|* cries, cries  

“Cry over what?!” said a motivated future thought
Cry over unnecessary fights
Especially when dark is always turned into light
Cry over a frozen screen or torn book..
Cry over forbidden love or a sad look
Cry over a spoiled flower or plant
Over a dead memory buried in the past

|*cries cries

What is a story when the eyes are brimming with tears?
What is a story when reality is just a dream?
What is a story when vampires sucked all the ideas?
What is a story when no lines are attached?
What is it?
What is it?

|*moments of silence..breathe breathe

The audience was amazed and clapped
The young boy’s eyes gazed
And there
A smile was drawn on his face
With a light laugh

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Timeline of Thoughts!

In 1983, Lebanon was in a civil war
and yes.. I was born
A year of devastation
when people cried for proper education... 

Bombs were dropping
buildings were collapsing
Windows were breaking
Shadows were hiding
Tears were dropping..
and fear...
oh fear..
years passed and what shall I add or recall.

*moment of silence |breathe breathe…

In 1990 the civil war was over
but the memories weren’t fading because they’re written on walls
Their traces were scattered on people’s doors

Knock, knock who is there?

The bells of the future were playing a sweet symphony
In such a harmony

I can smell the sweet scent of the flowers that a child had grown
I can see the green wild grass driven all around the flowers.
I can see the snow piling up on the mountains.. shining like white gold
I can even sense the warmth of …

“Wake up, wake up” said a voice.

Why do I have to wake up when I was not daydreaming?
Why do I have to …
Don’t you believe in hope?
Won’t you scream for hope?