Friday, October 4, 2013


She wonders, imagines and believes
She smiles, prays, and breathes
She writes, tells, and feels
She cries, tries, and dreams

 But what .. why and how...

 She wonders how time will treat her and take her by
She imagines a wonderful world closer to the sky
She believes in one and only God
She smiles cause she knows the world will smile back at her
She prays day and night ..hoping god fulfills her needs and be satisfied
She breathes the love that surrounds her
She writes words that belongs to her
She tells stories of love, heroes, adventures and pride
She feels lonely yet happy sometimes
She cries when seeing her ummah (nation) like a sleeping giant
She tries to do her best and thrive to beat the best
She dreams of living her dreams and it is worth to try...

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Storyteller

I remember when my uncle used to sit at the couch
He seemed to be from an age of old
Where fables and fairy tales were shared by the old
With a wide smile and anxious voice, he’d tell my cousins and I stories
Stories that were told from generations to generations
Stories that carry love and care, hope and despair
Stories of giants and fairies
Of tricksters and shrewd wizards
Of adventures and bravery legends
“Hurry, hurry, tell us the story,” said one of us
With a clear and swiftly voice
“Once upon a time, there is, was, are, and were…
Images were created in our minds
They were dancing, battling, singing, and living their sorrows.
They were reconstructing, speaking, exhaling, and waiting for chances.
As the stories end, lessons were worth learning and sharing
Messages of wisdom, resistance, truth, and faith
Such stories bonded us and kept our memories alive

So bless his sweet soft soul
That was cable of widening our creativity and imagination
Of entertaining, inspiring, informing, connecting, and educating

Friday, May 24, 2013

What is a wall?

Higher than any mountain or hill, there was a man who was lost and confused. He leaned toward a wall and then wondered and asked:
What is a wall?
When hands are handcuffed and chained.
What is a wall?
When torn hearts are broken and crying in pain
What is a wall?
When education is not taking its shape and teachers are just bricks in it
What is a wall?
When governments set it as borders to divide, separate, and scatter
What is a wall?
When love can’t cross or pass and hatred emerges deep inside of one’s heart
What is a wall?
When it keeps light invisible and voices unheard
What is a wall?
When it ceases a running child from crossing or playing
What is a wall?
When it inspires a civilized nation to set then one would see some loaves of bread being spread to some homeless people who are leaning on it
What is a wall?
When freedoms have been stolen and oppression is displayed.
What is a wall?
When no tree or flower can grow or blossom
What is a wall?
When people are chocking from the poisoned oxygen
What is a wall?
When one’s heart is a secret garden and the wall is very high
What is a wall?
When it is used for shelter then bombarded by an enemy or neighbor
What is a wall?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Extra Ordinary Child

Who is Kareem?
Kareem is not like any ordinary boy.
He doesn’t enjoy watching the world news.
He doesn’t crack out loudly on silly jokes.
He doesn’t like to wash the dishes or do the laundry.
He doesn’t support any football team.
He doesn’t like loneliness or fame.
He doesn’t like to be the center of everything.
So, who is Kareem?
Kareem is not like any ordinary boy.
He adores coloring and drawing.
He’d love to buy a box and put all of the drawings he did in his free time.
He hugs adorable trees because they make sweet homes to many people and other living creatures.
He never fried an egg or baked potatoes.
But one thing you should know about Kareem.
He is an extremely extraordinary boy.
He has lots of hopes and dreams.
He dreams to live in a perfect world full of happiness and peace.
He would love to take pictures of some kittens that pass around him every day.
So, who is Kareem?
He is not a spoiled kid.
He lives in a city, in a narrow street, in a small box where newspapers are his bed sheets.
He works in a nearby coffee shop.
So, still wondering about Kareem!
Believe me, he is more than you can ever imagine!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Back Then..

It was a time where I sat and waited
It was back then amazing and stable
Back where excitement and curiosity grew
Fainted voices that the wind blew
It blew words with wide smiles
Traveling all distances and crossing miles after miles
Words with enchantment and spells
Where darkness possesses its wizards and dwells
Yet the moon brightened up ways
Showing harmony and painting shadows right there
I tried talking with the wind maybe it will hear me or maybe it will swallow up my words
Instead it made me hear trees and birds
Tweeting and twinkling here and there
Time was like a circle with no sides
Turning happiness into sorrows with nothing to ride
Riding on invisible horses and dancing with pleasant memories
But reality kept whispering and blocking up ways
Telling me to hold my horses and pray..