Monday, March 27, 2017

The Nostalgic Clouds

With the flow and the rush of the crowd
There laid thousands of wispy clouds
Bringing hope of fresh pure showers
Feeding the thirsty trees and flowers

Dragons, elephants, turtles, and whales
Cloudy shapes were pictured and framed
"I spot" and some other imaginary games
Where dragons spread their wings in flight
Ready to win the courageous fights

While gazing at the starry night sky
And wishing for a shooting star
Dark hues of blues faded in
Night clouds had drifted in
Shading the twinkling stars
Keeping that distant way far

So closed my eyes with hands in the air
Saying a little prayer
"May the wind sweep with care
For the stars to shine here and there..

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Dear Fear

Dear me
Dear you
Dear self
Who is seeing itself in the mirror
Reflecting its deepest scars with horror
Giving into fear
Shedding tear after tear
Tricking its potentials
Wiping away its credentials
Leaving itself in droughts
Drowning itself in the river of doubts

Dear me
Dear you
Dear fear
Stop draining every bit of confidence that has left in me
Stop ruling my life and set me free
Stop calling me "hopeless" and putting me in dismay
As people will have their raining days

Dear me
Dear you
Dear self
Be confident and proud
By simply looking around
As fear won't overtake you when you're looking at the most splendid sky
Thanking the One above

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Let's Write

Hold down to my pen
Write for me a song or a story
Write for me a poem or two
Write for me a chapter or a novel
Write for me your thoughts about your dreams
If your pen crumbled
And your voice got distracted
Let your hand take your mind
For a walk across the page
Fill it
With letters and words
With images and figures
Keep walking your mind
Beyond darkness and moonless nights
Beyond sidewalks and crowded streets
Beyond the parks and gardens
With friends or colleagues
Keep writing
Free your mind
Feel your mind
Pull it from its leash
Take it into mysterious lands
Dim forests
The highest mountains
Creepy houses
And stormy nights
To places you never thought of visiting
As your notebook fills with words and phrases
Like footprints printed on snow

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Don't Come and Talk to Me About Borders

Don’t come and talk to me about borders
When your brother in humanity is lying in that corner
Waiting for the light to brighten,
Waiting for the seed of hope to blossom,
 Waiting for you to adjust your orders

Don’t come and talk to me about borders
When your sister in humanity is lying in that corner
Crying, weeping, and watching her brother
Leaning her head on the border’s wires
Wishing if she were a bird or spark of fire
To free her soul, to free her troubles

Don’t come and talk to me about borders
When a mother awaits for some rice and water
To feed her son and daughter
To keep them from getting colder          

Don’t come and talk to me about borders
When a father struggles to earn his fortunes
To keep his family from getting poorer

Don’t come and talk to me about borders
When soldiers stand in the corner
Holding some guns and powder
Protecting some imaginary fake lines, man- made, man desires

Don’t come and talk to me about borders
When they are just two faced sides
What is inside it and what is outside it
Yet, it doesn't matter which side you are on as they keep you blinded
Engulf your fears and trace your dreams

 So, don't come and talk to me about borders
When you can simply click control, alter, and delete
By widening your mind and believe
That the world is just one land, one piece 
We are all from Adam and Eve
So, let's just live in peace
My dear

Saturday, July 12, 2014

On a Regular Day!

On a regular day
Machine guns would be heard
On a regular day
Big tanks would pass like herds

On a regular day
An old farmer would plant some trees to grow
On a regular day
A two year old boy would cry and smile not knowing how things flow

On a regular day
A mother would sit and sip some coffee with Umm Ibrahim
On a regular day
A shoemaker would thank his lord and say, “Ya Karim”

On a regular day
A constant soldier knocks the doors
On a regular day
He would ask the fathers, “Where are your sons?” and spits on their floors

On a regular day
Eyes would burst in tears
On a regular day
Fears encounter people’s dreams

On a regular day
A martyr would be seen smiling
On a regular day
An enemy would be seen hiding

On a regular day
A young lady would sit on the balcony and fantasize
On a regular day
Thin threads of her flag would twirl and dance in front of her eyes

On a regular day
Hopes and prayers would be called out
On a regular day
One man would say, “Enough! I demand more action” and then shout out loud

On a regular day
News would pass the tunes
On a regular day
A poet would turn the events and sing the blues

On a regular day
In Libya, Syria, or Iraq
On a regular day
In Burma, Egypt, or Palestine

                          Copyright 2014; Image by: Ashaari Rahmat ( 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

When They Said

They said the world is wonderful and blue
They said with more green, it will be brand new
They said these are only lies but no one got a clue

They said the sun is gone with its warming glistening rays
They said in this darkness of thickening light, moon rises and love goes astray
They said these are only lies
Because people only follow the shadows of empty hearts
Where they’d come along and then fall apart

They said people with empty hearts are zombies and monsters
They said it is normal and it will get stronger
They said by the cold hands of reasons
In the deepest, coldest, and dimmest season
Pain merges and joyful voices might get weakened

They said I and I said they
They said “what?” I said “Enough and Pray”
They said “Why?” I said “Wait”
They said “For how long?” I said for a day

A day that will wash your sorrows
A day where you will lend and borrow
A day to share and follow

“Words of Wisdom” 

Image by Plariex (Instagram)

Friday, October 4, 2013


She wonders, imagines and believes
She smiles, prays, and breathes
She writes, tells, and feels
She cries, tries, and dreams

 But what .. why and how...

 She wonders how time will treat her and take her by
She imagines a wonderful world closer to the sky
She believes in one and only God
She smiles cause she knows the world will smile back at her
She prays day and night ..hoping god fulfills her needs and be satisfied
She breathes the love that surrounds her
She writes words that belongs to her
She tells stories of love, heroes, adventures and pride
She feels lonely yet happy sometimes
She cries when seeing her ummah (nation) like a sleeping giant
She tries to do her best and thrive to beat the best
She dreams of living her dreams and it is worth to try...