Thursday, December 1, 2016

Dear Fear

Dear me
Dear you
Dear self
Who is seeing itself in the mirror
Reflecting its deepest scars with horror
Giving into fear
Shedding tear after tear
Tricking its potentials
Wiping away its credentials
Leaving itself in droughts
Drowning itself in the river of doubts

Dear me
Dear you
Dear fear
Stop draining every bit of confidence that has left in me
Stop ruling my life and set me free
Stop calling me "hopeless" and putting me in dismay
As people will have their raining days

Dear me
Dear you
Dear self
Be confident and proud
By simply looking around
As fear won't overtake you when you're looking at the most splendid sky
Thanking the One above

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Let's Write

Hold down to my pen
Write for me a song or a story
Write for me a poem or two
Write for me a chapter or a novel
Write for me your thoughts about your dreams
If your pen crumbled
And your voice got distracted
Let your hand take your mind
For a walk across the page
Fill it
With letters and words
With images and figures
Keep walking your mind
Beyond darkness and moonless nights
Beyond sidewalks and crowded streets
Beyond the parks and gardens
With friends or colleagues
Keep writing
Free your mind
Feel your mind
Pull it from its leash
Take it into mysterious lands
Dim forests
The highest mountains
Creepy houses
And stormy nights
To places you never thought of visiting
As your notebook fills with words and phrases
Like footprints printed on snow