Sunday, June 8, 2014

When They Said

They said the world is wonderful and blue
They said with more green, it will be brand new
They said these are only lies but no one got a clue

They said the sun is gone with its warming glistening rays
They said in this darkness of thickening light, moon rises and love goes astray
They said these are only lies
Because people only follow the shadows of empty hearts
Where they’d come along and then fall apart

They said people with empty hearts are zombies and monsters
They said it is normal and it will get stronger
They said by the cold hands of reasons
In the deepest, coldest, and dimmest season
Pain merges and joyful voices might get weakened

They said I and I said they
They said “what?” I said “Enough and Pray”
They said “Why?” I said “Wait”
They said “For how long?” I said for a day

A day that will wash your sorrows
A day where you will lend and borrow
A day to share and follow

“Words of Wisdom” 

Image by Plariex (Instagram)

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